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Years ago (ok almost 15) I was a passionate, excited twenty-something following my dreams. I started a t-shirt line that quickly took off. It became my passion and I poured my heart and soul into creating, designing and sharing my t-shirt line. I was close to selling the entire brand to a major retail store. 

And then I got "sick."

Endometriosis knocked me on my ass. Yes, I said ass. Because for many years, that's where I was. I wasn't able to find the passion I once had, because my entire body hurt. And, if I didn't hurt, I didn't have the time. I saw doctor after doctor, trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Four years ago, a doctor finally knew enough - and cared enough - to perform surgery on me and found endometriosis covering my insides.

For years, endo stole my life. Adenmyosis decided to join in, followed by May Thurner Syndrome - with a side of Raynaud's. I was a hot mess. I hurt in ways most people could never understand. I spent nights driving myself to the emergency room after spending hours trying to beat the pain. Endo always won.

I lost friends, people I loved. I could no longer dance, no longer work out. I lost almost everything I was passionate about in life.

Last year, I decided to take it back. After four sugeries in two years, I decided I had enough. 

F*CK you, endo. This is my life, and you're not taking anything else away from me. 

I started working out again, I started loving myself and the world again. And now, it's time to take my passion back.

I created 546 Apparel to spread some awareness about invisible illness. I have met so many endo sisters and friends who suffer from lupus, PCOS and so many other invisible illnesses. I have met so many warriors. 

So, for all of my fellow warriors, rock these shirts proud. Take your life back.

546 Apparel is my way of pursuing my passion, while educating the world... one t-shirt at a time. And, having some fun too! Some of my shirts may be just that - fun.

Because life isn't just about being a warrior.